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Health Care
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Dr. Georgia Nab
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Authentic Life Inc

Health Care
about us
We envision a world where people have positive vitality to engage in a quality life.

Authentic Life, Inc. offers a whole person, patient-centered approach to health for our clients. We look at many aspects of a patient’s life including genetics, lifestyle, environmental, structural, and nutritional status to help each patient reach optimal health. Our individualized care is designed to help each patient to reach their health care goals – requiring active participation on part of the patient.
Your DNA is influenced by many things including your environment, experiences, diet, movement, attitudes, beliefs, and more. This means that it is possible to change the way genes are expressed in a positive or negative way. Looking at your genetics can help to understand factors such as the best type of exercise, foods, and nutrients to help optimize your genetics.

This includes the quality of your sleep, amount of movement, foods you are con