Lisa Murphy


Executive CoachingHealth CareSpeaker

About Us

I'm a Health & Wellness Coach. What exactly does that mean? Well, I work with people just like me to prevent or reverse chronic dis-ease. I help them design a symptom-free life so they can remain active and vibrant.

I help people feel their best. No drugs, no diets or strict exercise regimes. No BS period. Just simple practices that can make a real, sustainable difference.

Maybe you're confused about your diet, stressed out or in need of a change. I’ve been all of those things. With a personalized system and my support, you'll enjoy making shifts that will positively impact every aspect of your life. I’ve been there; I know.

Growing up in small town Iowa, I would have never dreamed I'd be traveling the world, studying Eastern philosophy, or teaching yoga to members of the royal family in Dubai. Yet this is exactly where I found myself following a 12-year stint in corporate America.

After nearly 10 years of living overseas, a messy divorce a