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Finance & Insurance
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Michelle Poston
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Michelle L Poston

Finance & Insurance
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I focus on life-centered financial planning as almost all decisions we make have a financial impact on our lives. My passion is to help people through financial planning by understanding what motivates them, what makes them tick, who are the people in their lives that are most important, what concerns keep them up at night, and their top goals. My approach is holistic in two ways. The first is the financial aspect – income needs, tax strategies, investment management, etc. The second is knowing the whole person – what are your priorities, motivations, and what does your best life look like to you. This approach allows us to create a plan that is catered to your individual needs.

I have an ambition to always strive to improve myself through life experiences and education. Like most, I have my hiccups along the way. I believe we are all a work in progress. The drive to move forward keeps me focused on the positive. This drive shows up in all aspects of my life including care