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Health Care

About Us

Centered Spirit respects and believes in the body’s innate wisdom and natural ability to achieve health and balance. With this intention, your body is guided back into a naturally harmonious state. When the spirit and the body are truly “centered,” everything else in life becomes easier.

As a haven for healing, the Center offers a true Cultural and Holistic experience. Alex and Emilie Jackson, founders of the Center, share a passion for the healing traditions of Central America, Mexico and Europe. Their love for these and other cultures is embedded in every part of the Center, allowing everyone who enters to feel transported, embraced and at peace.

Alex and Emilie envisioned a healing center where everybody is welcome and accepted for who they are — no matter the color, the religion, the gender or the country they come from. The Center not only provides a safe environment for healing and relaxation but is also a place to learn about cultures, traditions and tea ri