Birthday Connections



About Us

We are the only nonprofit in Kansas City making sure marginalized children in Kansas City metro are celebrated on their birthdays in a meaningful way.

We empower parents with the dignity and resources to celebrate their children in a meaningful way.

We collaborate with social services agencies to identify families. To honor the dignity and privacy of families, we require the agencies to liaise between our nonprofit and the families. Once identified, the families shop in our Birthday Market for gifts and gift cards, birthday cards, books, and a sweet treat (cake or cookies).

We fulfill orders from families by shopping online through Amazon, Target, or Walmart. Once we receive the birthday items, everything is bundled up along with wrapping paper and tape (it's not a present until it's wrapped and we want the families to do the wrapping) and party plates and napkins. We now have a Birthday Package! It's delivered to the agency that then distributes to the families.

We upended the traditional adopt-a-child model of gift-giving. The online shopping platform we developed allows families to shop with autonomy and normalcy. There is no cost for families to shop in the Birthday Market they just have to have a unique code from their agency.

We celebrate the birthdays of kids ages 1 to 18!