Robyn Stevens Feng Shui

About Us

Whether or not you know the term ‘feng shui’ you practice it in your daily life. It might be unintentional—like the pile of shoes that block your front door or the dead flowers in your flowerbed—or intentional, like the vibrant red you painted your front door.

I specialize in home and office feng shui and have helped clients in dorm rooms and mansions, townhomes and cubicles. I work with executives and students, stay at home moms and business owners. The titles don’t really matter; what does is that they’re ready to change their lives, and they’re open to the suggestions I make.

I love seeing people connect the dots and feel that I’ve made a difference when someone starts to see that how they live directly affects the quality of their life. I work with folks who only need my trained eye and my unique perspective to people who want me to change their homes and offices from hindrances to vehicles for success. I help them all cut through the clutter—the clutter of stuff, the clutter of